Find a Catchy Domain in Minutes. 

There are still millions of great brand names to register as domains for flipping or your next start-up. 

We built DomainKicks to solve the problem domain investors and founders have in finding a great domain.  

After using every tool on the market, we decided to build our own.

Our goal was to make a tool that is simple to use, yet powerful in connecting you to the BEST domains that you can simply register.


Domain Ideas Reloaded on Demand

When you click on the DomainKicks logo, you get served a random word set in 3 columns that you can use as ideas, or try your luck to see what's randomly available.

Check Custom Keyword Availability

Check Custom Keyword Availability For Popular Extensions quickly or add your own list. We will tell you what is available and what is "taken". You can select the most popular domain extensions in one click.

Add Your Favorite Prepend/Append

Modify your keyword list with prepend and append lists that you can add yourself. This method can help you to uncover domains you might not have thought of on your own.

Powerful Dream List Checks Availability 24/7

Adding a taken domain to your dream list means your list will be checked several times per day and you will be notified immediately if the domain becomes available.


DomainKicks Can Help You Find More Valuable Domains in Less Time.

Stop banging your head against the wall trying to secure a good brand or powerful domain.

Our tool is kicking down the barriers for finding a great domain that you can build as a brand OR flip as an investment.



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Plans start at $47/mo

RoadMap Features
- Bulk Import to Dream List
- Domain Appraisal
- Backlink Count
- Google Index Check

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